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Master Industrial Ecology (MIND)

The “Master’s Programme in Industrial Ecology” (MIND) is a two-year study programme worth 120 ECTS, currently offered as a mono-degree by University of Graz.

Industrial Ecology (IE) is an emerging interdisciplinary field, combining natural, technical and social sciences in a systems view at scale levels from the global to the local. Its core concept is the analogy between processes in nature (biosphere) and processes in society (techno-sphere). Evolution has resulted in a highly efficient use of materials and energy in biosphere systems: waste from one process is a resource for another. In today's society resources are exploited, which leads to unusable waste streams and release of pollutants to soil, water, and air, and thus to complex sustainability problems. Society might take lessons from the biosphere to solve these problems. The objective of the MIND programme is to train students:

• to conduct IE analyses of such complex sustainability problems, 

• to design IE solutions for these problems and 

• to develop implementation strategies for those solutions identified. 

Therefore, MIND is in the heart of the EU needs of the "Europe 2020 strategy", because due to the current sustainability problems and global transitions in energy systems, food systems etc. there is a great need for IE trained persons that have a grasp of the complexities of the field of sustainable development.  

You can download the current study plan via 
https://studien.uni-graz.at/en/degree-programmes/international-masters-programme-in-industrial-ecology/international-masters-programme-in-industrial-ecology/ .

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