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IP submission deadline for the academic year 2022/23

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

until 31.01.2022

Interdisciplinary internships (IP) offer ESS students the opportunity to work on a topic of their own choice in a course - not only as a (passive) course participant, but also as an active organizer. On the one hand, the organization of an IP means work and perseverance, on the other hand, the organizers deal with a topic that they have helped to develop and furthermore, good contacts can arise from a successful IP. Since the course planning is always planned on an annual basis, the Interdisciplinary Internships (IP) are decided at the end of the winter semester for the entire following academic year (winter semester and summer semester).

For the academic year 2022/23, the deadline for submission of IP applications is the 31.01.2022. Applications received too late cannot be considered for the 2022/23 course planning. Therefore, start planning your IP early enough!

All necessary information and forms can be found here.

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